This section contains the detailed fine print that applies to every site in my network. All my online projects are personal, nonprofit, and fan-oriented creations. No copyright infringement is intended.
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Unless otherwise stated, all written content, graphic edits, layout design, and HTML/PHP/CSS coding are done by me (Ainna), owner of and its child domains (,, and—my network, so to speak. By accessing my sites, you agree that you will not duplicate nor redistribute any written and graphic content found therein, in any digital/electronic or print form. (The only exception to this are the linkback buttons you may download and save to your own server for the sole purpose of directing your visitors to said sites.) While largely a hobby, building fan tributes still take up a lot of time, so thank you for respecting my efforts!


Fictional characters and celebrities featured on the sites in this network belong to their respective creators and/or management companies, who are credited individually on each site. I am not in any way connected with the creative nor production team, which include the authors/writers/artists who conceptualized the characters, the manga or comic publishers, the production/management companies, the animation studios, the voice actors and the film actors. All sites are produced by a fan for fellow fans. No copyright infringement is intended.

Where applicable, the use of official images is guided by the Fair Use Policy. All fanart used are always used with permission from their respective artists, who are also credited in each individual layout.


Individual artists and official images are acknowledged on every site layout I make, either on the footer or on the site info section on the site. If none were given, then it means the design elements were created by myself using purely license-free resources that require no credit.


Most of my fan tributes are fanlistings (FLs), which lists fans of a particular subject. When a user signs up for one of my FLs, minimal personal data will be collected, consisting of:

  1. The user's name (or a reasonable internet alias)
  2. The country where the user currently resides
  3. The user's email address
  4. The user's site URL (a personal website or social networking site)
  5. Some optional fan-related preferences

Name and Country are the minimum information required by TFL Rule #6. However, your email address—which is automatically hidden—is requested only to prevent duplicate signups, i.e., to ensure that the same person cannot join twice. Your email address will be kept private at all times, and will be used only to inform you about changes to the site. It will never be revealed to any third-party website, nor will it ever be used for any kind of networking scheme.

This is not a requirement, but you may also add the URL to your personal website or any SNS (like Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), to distinguish your online presence on the list.


lmao Yoongi what is even your face here As its name suggests, a fanlisting (FL) is an unofficial list of fans of a certain subject. FLs are hobby sites, which means they are non-profit, non-commercial, and unaffiliated with the subjects they are about. As such, the resulting list is not an indicator of how many fans the subject—especially if it's a well-known celebrity with his/her own official fanclub—actually has. FLs as small fan tributes cater mainly to those familiar with two major online communities, The Fanlistings Network and The Anime Fanlistings Network. (The staff of those sites have been running the networks since the 2000's, when FLs were at the height of their popularity.)

Those who are still active in the FL community today generally have their own fanlisting collectives (check out mine!), and they join FLs as a way of declaring their varied interests. FL owners put up these sites to show how much they love a subject, and are invested in the express goal of uniting fans anywhere in the world who like the same thing. Nothing more is asked from members after they join, as FLs are not mailing lists for subject updates. The whole thrill, really, is in putting your name down and seeing how many like-minded individuals are there on the web.


Current design features Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), whom I have been faithfully stanning since February 2020. Photo is from their Map of the Soul: 7 (2020) jacket shoot, © BigHit Entertainment. No infringement intended.